Liveaboard Cruises and Naturalist Cruises

The galapagos islands can be visited in many different ways ,naturalist live aboard cruises are probably the most popular ones, since you can spend any amount of nights from 3 up to 14 in a row, the convenience of live aboard cruises is that by staying on the ship or yacht for the amounts of days that you need ,this cruises will allow you to reach further islands since the boats will travel at night , allowing you to cover longer distances at night and wake up early in the morning at a new destination , allowing you to spend the longest amount of time on each visit to the islands. If you have the time we recommend a minimum of 8 days if possible , however on a 4 or 5 days cruise, you will still be able to see a variety of islands and its wonderful geological and natural features.

Adventure seekers with a smaller travel budget can choose an economy class Galapagos Cruise. It's a perfect choice for small groups or students. Each economy class boat accommodates ten to fifteen passengers and offers many of the same amenities that the luxury class cruises ships do but on a more modest scale. The smaller occupancy creates an intimate and personable stay; a small group of friends or family can feel like they are on their own private yacht. The best thing about an economy class Galapagos Islands cruise is that no matter what, all the passengers get the same view as what they would on a higher priced cruise ship. With 4, 5 or 8 days to cruise around the Galapagos, passengers can comfortably experience all the wonders of the island chain. PRESS HERE

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